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Sleeping or Shutting down?


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  1. 1. Sleep or shut down is better for the computer?

    • Shut Down
    • Sleep
    • Doesn't Matter.

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my powerbook sleeps, my desktop shuts down.


matter of convenience between classes, and patience when being at home.


my powerbook also sleeps overnight, it only uses about 7-8% battery in sleep for 9 or so hours, which is well worth the convenience when i have an 8:30am class and wake up late.

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There's someone I know who has an original Macbook. New one 13".

And that dude is a DJ. that's it. He don't interested in any thing else apart from his music Applications.

And, last time we spoke, He doesn't even care to shutdown his Mac lappy.


He hasn't shutdown his lappie, since 7 months. That's exactly when he bought it.


But, the thing is that, this OS does what Windows cannot do.

That is stay awake and functional immediately after you wake it up from Sleep.

The second thing is, if you Google it enough, you'll find that Windows has some bug since, I think it was made.

You cannot run it for longer than 6.5 days. some minutes or something error of buffer or stacks.

So this makes it clear, why one cannot use Windows without it crashing after you've NOT turned it off completely once every 5 days.

The point being, this proves that OS X can run continuously, managing all the hardware and batteries efficiently, without causing any data loss.

Thus, why wouldn't someone use Sleep. And not use Shutdown?

There are also two schools of thought:

1) shutting down is saving hard drive motor and disc life... and also saving power.

and second train is:

2) frequent shutting down causes wear and tear on the hard drive motors, discs and the head parking mechanism.

and microscopic surges in voltage for HDDs when booting up. Due to the +12 V jolt of the SMPS.


Now, isn't this something to debate about? These are very old stories.

Currently, it all depends on what someone expects out of his Operating System.

Instant usability (using Sleep) or trade off on longer boot up and shutdown sequences for saving on power.

Go figure that one out. And let us all know. :ninja:



Freaky Chokra :robot:

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im shutting my desktop always down, but my netbook goes only to sleep... its easier if i want to check my email quickly.. ;)


im shutting my desktop always down, but my netbook goes only to sleep... its easier if i want to check my email quickly.. :)

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It really doesn't make a difference in the long run.


The newer batteries don't suffer from the pains of severe aging (less battery life), and you don't have to worry about the memory effect that NiCd batteries plagued mobile device users with. You can let it sleep every day and wake it up on your time, and everything will be running just fine.


Shutting down works well when you're not going to use the computer for a while. I really doubt the "wear and tear" on the hard drive and other components is really anything to worry about unless you shut your computer down to an insane degree. It wouldn't be wise to shut down your computer throughout the day after each use for instance. At night, you can do it without any worries.


It is useful to do a shut down every once in a while to clear up system junk that builds throughout use. I know that newer versions of OS X don't seem to have this problem, but I've definitely had things get pretty funky after a while forcing me to restart my computer or just shut it down for the evening (why restart and let it sleep after if you can just shut down?) A clean start up can really set things back in motion again.


In the end, it's just a matter of convenience and preference. If you like having your Macbook alive at the flip of the lid, then you better make sure you let him nap instead of knocking him out. ;D

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