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IPortable universal OSX86 edition Beta2

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IPortable universal OSX86 edition Beta2


Iportable is a verry smal image of a compleet installation its so smal it fits on a 8 GB USB drive. And yes you can boot it from USB.


Its taken a wile but i managed to redo Iportable to have AMD support

its based on protocolX intel only version , I Candykane tweakt it so it supports AMD Cpu's.


AMD support

Voodoo 9.5 kernel default but all your favorite kernels are included

Chamelion 2

latest versions of via, jmicron and nforce drivers

SB600 support native

SB700 driver included have to install manual

The latest and the old Nforce Ethernet drivers included

DSDT patcher onboard

And it takes op even less space


Because of banning issue's new management piratebay moved to demonoid

I nead Beta testers, I've tested it on a few systems but i nead more feedback also if you have requests or tips don't be shy ask them.

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