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usb during install does not work

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I have an USB mouse and keyboard, neither works during installation. In fact, I think none of the USB devices work during this time. They aren't even getting power from the computer. They work during the time when the BIOS loads, I can see the lights on them. They turn off once I get to the part where I press enter in Darwin.


Once, for some reason, I plugged in my other mouse and it worked; however, I didn't have time to install OS X so I left both mice there. The next time, it worked but the DVD was corrupt. By the time I reburned it they even stopped working with both plugged in. Note that they work in Windows, so the main USB controller is not disabled.


I don't have any PS/2 ports, so I can't really tell you whether those work.


Additional information: my motherboard is an nForce 650i, however, the PC is a Dell XPS 630i, so the OEM modifications may make an impact.

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All right just to tell everyone I got the USB mouse/keyboard working by unplugging other useless things. That helped a lot.

This is for noobs who might be searching on google for this or something.

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You saved my day! My keyboard and mouse were connected via a Apple Cinema Display USB Hub and I had the same strange behaviour on an Intel DG31PR. I plugged them directly to the board and - bingo.



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