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Help wanted making a 100% working retail system

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I've used osx86 for about three years now, my computer has a extremely compatible hardware



Intel Q6600 Dual Core Processor @ 2.4 ghz

4gb crucial ram

XFX geforce 7600gt 256mb pci-e

2x Samsung F1 1tb hard drives

Samsung Dvd Writer


I've got a retail DVD install, using Chameleon 2.0 RC2. I've used EFI strings to install my Geforce 7600gt and a similar method to patch the audio. I use a pci ethernet card which i know is extrememly compatible and works out of the box.


I've used this setup, using extensions taken from retail install guides to put in my extra folder. I've been using the computer like this for about a year now, and I think its about time I found out what each extension I'm using does instead of trying things out on trial and error.


I have a samsung 22" HDTV which I use as a second monitor and sometimes I have problems with the computer crashing when switching etween the TV and HDMI mode (for use as a second display)


Can anybody help me figure out what the optimum extensions are for my system or point me in the right direction so that I can fiigure it out myself?


That would be awesome...


Cheers guys

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