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G4 Quicksilver Core2Quad PowerHack


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first of all i would like to thank the links posted below for inspiration and guidance, thanks!


Powermac g3 mod by an43.com

iHack G4 Yikes by Andy

Aquamac- Love all your mods.

-this is an 8 part G4 mod video from start to finish

Rotten Apple- thanks to this my mobo's warranty is now void ;)


the guides ive used (Gigabyte G31m-ES2L), either of the 3 guides below will work and will produce a 99% working hackintosh.. 99% because automatic sleep cease to function after 10.5.7 combo update :D everything else is perfect aside from the auto sleep.


Guide by an43.com

Es2L guide by Voyn1x

Leopard Soup Es2L guide by Weaksauce12


i know it's all over the site and done countless times but really love this case so decided to join the hackintosh bandwagon and built my very first one, yes im still a virgin even after joining this site last 2008. Just finished assembly and OS installation but overall it's not yet done.


here are the things ill do/change in the coming weeks:


- figure out how the LED light blinks on sleep (hope this is possible and easy) :)

- clean the case in and out

- buy more cable ties

- I/O backplate

- 2 80mm fan grill or make a hole on the orig top plastic (havent decided yet)

- sata cable for the superdrive (30inch or longer so i can hide it) or ill just connect 2 sata cables via soldering

- change the 120mm fan - it's really noisy w/o the FanMate

- remove fanmate

- upgrade the stock cooler (this can wait since i dont overclock)

- add another 1TB for HD videos








the original speakers are working but has some dent in the front so i put some hair net to hide it's flaws.. now it's being used as a PC speaker, it just beeps on start up :)




24-24pin extension, power/reset/Led and orig G4 pc speaker wires, sata cables and 80mm exhaust wires





Superdrive, sorry bout the purple sleeving, run out of black so i tried the dark purple and it's ugly.. will change it when i have the time.




2x80mm PWM exhaust fan by Arctic Cooling




relocate the 2 capacitors by adding wire and soldering so i can close the case completely w/o hitting the Superdrive.




Wireless Mighty Mouse and mini Bluetooth dongle (hidden underneath the aluminum keyboard for better range)






processor: Intel Core2Quad Q9400 (stock speed)

mobo: Gigabyte G31M-Es2L

video card: Palit 9600GT 512mb

wifi: PCI Linksys WMP300N

memory: 4GB Ram (2gbx2) Team Dark Xtreeme 1066MHz

Hard Drives: sata 1TB WD Green Power (backup) & 640GB WD GP as a main OS. (GUID)

1TB Seagate Sata (not in the picture)

40GB IDE Windows Vista 64 that i dont use :)

Superdrive: LG GH22 Lightscribe Sata

PSU: 500W Tacens quad rail modular (wish it was white)

Fans: 1x120mm Nidec (high cfm) intake

exhaust: 2x80mm PWM Arctic Cooling - this help lower the temp by 40-42C on light load from 54C.

Zalman Fanmate2 = to lower the noise of the nidec 120mm fan

Apple Wired Aluminum Keyboard (slim w/o the numpad)

Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse

tiny USB Bluetooth dongle

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very good your casemod.

maybe you could help me with mine.

I'm having problems with his temperature, because of the cover of an energy source, and the dvd rom tray faces the ram memory and some capacitors.


I thought about making an extension to the capacitors, but my mobo is still under warranty.


oh good luck with your


a look at my




Yes, I am Brazilian kkkkkk

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Nice mod I'm hoping to get a hold of a G4 Quicksilver myself :thumbsup_anim: .

Note to mods: sorry about bumping this 5 year old topic but it is a very nice clean mod.

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