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panic(cpu 0 caller 0x0019c352)

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well i managed to install osx 10.4.5 on my pcdl with prestonias (2x2.666ghz) but after the installation and the reboot it always panics... have a look at the screenshot below. does anyone know what this means and how i can fix it? i tried 10.4.6 but it didnt even install (the same acpi error message every prestonia user gets) ... well i hope someone can help me




im workin with vmware :whistle:!


greets and thx!


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LeadtoDeath: Try dissabling the core duo support. Till now, mac osx86 don't work well with this feature. Find in the bios the option to disable de core duo support, and reboot. This will solve your problem, as it does with me.


Regards, and post the results!

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well i tried it but 1. i cant disable a seperate cpu, 2. disabling hyperthreading/acpi didnt work ;/


i have now idea what to do now - why can i install osx but cant start it? i even unplugged every usb-device (except for keyboard and mouse) - nothing helped ...

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I have tried everyones last step and it did not work, i got that please restart your computer. I tried OSX86 4.3, 4.4, 4.5, & 4.6 and did the chin0 steps , i applied all patches and every thing and still no luck, but every thing works perfectly in VMware Workstaion 5.5. Every time i get that panic error . :D this {censored} me of.



The only thing that works natively is the Deadmoo Flat image


eMachine W3107

AMD Sempron 3100+ processor

1.8GHz 256KB L2 Cache

1600MHz System Bus


100GB (7200 rpm, 2MB Cache)hard drive

nVidia GeForce 6100 GPU up to 128MB of shared video memory

6-Channel (5.1) AC?97 Audio w/ Amplified Stereo Speakers

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if youre installing off the new 10.4.6 with patches, from JaS... then you DONT select SSE3 in the custom options if you're an AMD user.


select only the combo update, and the sse2 support and anything else you require.



it wont allow the computer to boot, and will throw you into that panic mode.

it wont emulate sse3 unless it has to anyways, so dont worry about it.

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