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White Macbook, Leopard Install Fail

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i keep getting an error everytime i try to install leopard onto my white macbook.


Currently my macbook has nothing on it at all, completely wiped, no OS at all.


the error i keep getting is something along the lines of

"failed to verify the essentials package"


i read up and apparently this is a ram problem so..


First off i tried leopard with the default factory two 1gb sticks of ram.


I then tried changing the ram to a 1gb stick from another laptop with no problems.


i then tried changing to two 2gb sticks from a brand new laptop with no problems.


yet i still get teh same error.


lastly i tried downloading and installing Snow Leopard.


I now get thsi error,

reading from /System/Installation/Packages/BaseSystem.pkg: Input/output error

error processing data: Input/output error

Retrying file://localhost/System/Installation/Packages/basesystem.pkg: after 3 failures

Failed to retrieve file://localhost/system/installation/packages/basesystem.pkg (Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=5 User Info=0x1072c2ca0 "The operation couldn't be completed. Input/output error")

Install failed: The installer could not copy the necessary support files.


Physical Memory Allocation: 827MB wired, 1mb trapped, 311mb active, 1392MB Inactive, 1565MB free, 3268MB usable, 4096MB total

Error processing

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It is an original DVD,


I've tried the beta of Snow Leopard asewll, same problem, tried downloading the ISO of retail leopard still same problem

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