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xcode launching other window from a menu option

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Please bear with me I'm new I've seen all of the nice tutorials

and yes it is all very cool get's you started well and quick ... managed simple

iPhone and Mac Apps.


I'm on Xcode 3.1 on a Mac Cocoa App so I tried to go to next stage an App that has more than one window and I'm having a hard time following the flow on how to launch my 2nd window created with its own m/h/nib from a menu . From either a toolbar button or a menu option I want to load it , but I'm failing to find a clear way of doing it, lots of trial/error and RTFM'ing but no cigar so far ... any pointers to some documentation for it?? Probably it's on my face and just I'm failing to see it.


I thought maybe it has to be a document-based app for that but I don't see in the documentation

how do to accomplish the menu hooking either ;-( The IB gets pretty confusing in this case probably due to the info I'm missing and I'm willing to go just code.


Thanks in advance

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