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ideneb 10.5.6. First reboot works, second reboot dont

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I have a strange problem. I install ideneb 1.4 10.5.6. All is good. I reboot, eject the DVD, boot mac os from the harddrive, create a user and macos starts just fine.


But when i restart (warm or coldboot) I get the "still waiting for root device".


So mac os only boots from the harddrive once.


I have tried the -v, -f and -x flags with no success.


This is my settup:

Dell dimension 9200

2,4ghz core 2 duo

2gb memory

bios setting Autodetect Raid/ATA (the other option to choose is Raid)


This is my ideneb settings:

acpi kext 10.5.6


acpi smc fix

nvdarwin 512


Anyone got any ideas? How come it only works once?

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I think i solved it.


When I use the boot flag "platform=X86PC" it seem to work.


Do I miss some functionality not using the default platform that i guess is platform=ACPI? Are there any disadvantages?

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