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Leo4all v2 - Keyboard and mousepad not working...

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a while ago I had the desire to put the mac on my laptop then tried tigre obitve but not much success on the video card, then read on other topics, I decided to try the leopard, but when it is loading it shows the installer an error.


See a yellow line indicating something with that name "ACPIPS2nub"


But continuing, to install, after installation I encountered the error on the Welcome screen, but reading in other topics it addressed.


But the problem is that every time you restart the notebook keyboard and mouse vanish, I have a usb mouse, I do not know if it is there, and I do not know if this error is above there.


Could someone help me please!



I'm with Leo4all v2


Thank you now ..


Note: sorry for english, I'm Brazilian.

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I remember i've used to have one of Leo4all release.. and i wasn't happy with it.

No patches and fixes included. Anyway since you can't control your notebook is useless to tell you to google for ApplePS2Controller.kext and you'll find it available for download. Then install it using OSX86 tools.


But i can recommend you this : Obtain a copy of the latest iPC release. This is the best on the market yet (in my opinion, excluding vanilla installs) Then customize your installation (don't forget to select PS/2 fix) and you're good to go.

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Excuse my ignorance, how can I do that? :(


I think he means during the installation. You can also try booting in safe mode (use -x). I don't know anything about Leo4All, so I would suggest trying either the boot132 method, or if you find that intimidating, then to get the iDeneb 1.4 (Leopard 10.5.6).


One tip, as this is counter-intuitive to Windows users: do NOT install more than one driver (kext) for any piece of hardware. MacOS will not simply choose the correct one, it will probably crash.


Last, to install kexts, you should use a tool such as OSx86 Tools. After installing the kexts, be sure to repair the permissions before restarting.

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I do not know if I understand you are right but I will try to explain better ...

My keyboard and mousepad I only work when I install the leo4all v2, so I restart to work.

I remember giving an error related to ACPIPS2Nub when the installer was carrying.


Then the problem is in Leo4all? There would be a way to fix this?

I appreciate the responses, with the help of you.

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