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how to install leopard on macbook without a superdrive?

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ok, i have a white macbook, 2gb ram, 120gb hdd, late 07/early 07 model.


the superdrive is now ejecting discs and nothing works in it, ive tried a few things but nothing works, think i have to replace it.


anyway, im trying to get leopard onto the HDD, but obviously cant..


i installed a patched version on VMWARE, but thats the closest i got. Im wondering if i can copy the OS from VMWARE onto my HDDs 2nd partion and make it bootable?


any help.


also VMWARE says my clock speed is reading 2094MHZ instead of 2100MHZ so the clock will be wrong in the guest os. i think its affecting the mouse speed aswell because so far everything seems fast.. how would i stop that?

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I'm not sure if you can with mac's but you might be able to put the OS X installer on a flash drive, there's plenty of tutorials for that on this forum.

And a 6 mhz variation from what your processor is rated to be is common and probably happens in every processor in the market. Infact if you have an application that watches the exact clock speed of your processor it does vary slightly in probably +/-10mhz

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