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MacDrive 8 Beta

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MacDrive 8 Beta is now available for download.


Read more about the MacDrive 8 Beta



MacDrive has become a must-have for anyone needing to share files on Mac disks with Windows users. With MacDrive you can read and write to any Mac disk-including the Mac partition on a Boot Camp Mac, directly from Windows.


MacDrive adds to its core functionality, and brings new features to cross-platform computers.


Here is what's new in MacDrive 8:


* Windows 7 compatibility


Windows 7 is nearing the finish line and MacDrive 8 has been built to work with both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 7, Vista and XP. Windows 7 is still a work in progress, so we will continue to update Mac Drive to give you the best user experience possible.


* Windows 7 Libraries


Windows 7 can aggregate content from multiple locations. For example, if you have photos in a "My Pictures" folder, on your desktop and in a "Travel" folder Windows 7 can combine all of the photos into one "Pictures" folder. MacDrive 8 adds to this powerful feature by automatically adding content from the Mac partition on a Boot Camp Mac to your Windows 7 libraries.


* Apple Time Machine


Apple's amazing Time Machine backup file sets can now be accessed like any other Mac file direct from Windows. Using MacDrive, you are able to browse the backed up files and copy the contents to your PC.


* Mac CD/DVD burning


Creating Mac CDs and DVDs is even better in MacDrive 8. From your Windows PC, you can create Mac CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Dual Layer DVD, and more. All from your Windows PC.


* Support for large disks


Are you using a G Technology G-RAID 3 or LaCie Big Disk Quadra?

If so, MacDrive 8 has added robust support for any large disks over 2TB.



The MacDrive 8 Beta will only work with Windows 7. The final release of MacDrive 8, which will be released later this summer, will work with Windows 7, Vista and XP.


Read more about the MacDrive 8 Beta



Also, we know you want the latest and greatest, but you might not want to use Beta software. We have you covered. You can purchase MacDrive 7 today and you will receive a FREE upgrade to MacDrive 8 when it is released later this summer. Also, if you purchased MacDrive 7 after May 1, 2009 you will receive a FREE upgrade to MacDrive 8.



Best regards,


Team Mediafour

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Great news, have been wanting so give Windows 7 a serious look but had no access to all my data on HFS drives. Now I can actually put some time into evaluating it!

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I suggest for you to install the Apple HFS driver. Macdrive 8 corrupted my iMac's drive, so I suggest you not use the beta unless you are prepared to lose some data.

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The Apple HFS driver is only able to read the OSX partition not write to it.



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