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Simple Hackintosh

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I like to hear anyone's opinion about the simplest hackintosh that can be built. By that, I mean, what combination of motherboard and hackintosh software (e.g., Boot123, iDeneb, Kalyway, etc) requires the least amount of tweaking to obtain a fully functional system?


Here's the situation for me: I have about 3 TB of video and photo data (currently stored on tape and DVDs) that I'd like to move to hard drives so that I can work with it. Over the years I've collected some Apple pro software (FCP, DVD Studio 4, etc.) that I'd like to use to process the data. I have Firewire-based video equipment ( a camera and a VHS tape deck) that I can use to get the data.


All I need is a simple system that has:


At least one working Firewire port.

A simple audio chipset (just to playback the videotape audio - I don't need high-def audio or anything fancy).

Support for an nVidia or ATI graphics board (something basic).

Support for multiple hard drives.


I have a retail copy of OS X 10.5.6.


In reviewing the many posts here, I have the sense that the greatest success is achieved when the motherboard is closest to soemthing currently built by Apple. The futher the hardware deviates from that used by Apple, the more time and effort are spent on integrating software and implementing work arounds.


I can't tell from the many posts here which hardware has the greatest success. Most of the notes (rightly) focus in problems that folks have with new hardware/software combinations.


I hope there is a particular motherboard and associated hackintosh software that requires the least amount of effort to get a fully functional system (e.g., Firewire, USB, graphics card, and audio). If so, I'd like start there. I loaded OS X on am MSI Wind (using the MSIWind123.iso software) and that took only about 90 minutes to get a fully functional system. Has anyone had a similar exerience with a desktop?


Thanks in advance.

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Try the Shuttle SFF barebones, really easy to build and everything works. Add a few kexts, configure BIOS and you're up and running.


Also consider the Asus P5N7A-VM too. There's a plenty on that here, just use the really crappy search function.


I have made both and they are equally simple. The Shuttle is more limited, but everything on it (that I need or know of) works.

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