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Move system drive to another HDD?

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Hi all, I´m not a noob but not an expert yet, so here is my problem.


I have OS X installed in a hard drive, which has to go to another computer. I bought a new hard drive to replace the old one. Now, how hard it would be to move all the files to the new hard drive? is it just copy and paste (from another os)? I read somewhere that I would have to rewrite the MBR, is that correct? Would I have more complications?


To keep the order of the HDDs (I have currently 4 installed) I would have to plug in the new one in the same SATA port where the old one was, right?


What do you think?


OK, found this




and this





Sorry for making a thread. Google rocks.

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Ok, Google rocks but no so much. Tried the software mantioned above but I wasn't able to boot from the other HD. What am I missing?

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