This Tutorial learns you how to install the Chameleon bootloader on your Mac partition. This may help you when you get b0, boot0 or other errors, when the installer doesn't work.   I created it for the people who are new to hackintosh ("noob friendly").   I bolded some pieces in the code section to make it more clear to understand.   Tip : If your hackintosh doesn't boot anymore, you can follow this tutorial on a real mac / other hackintosh.   1. Open up the Terminal app   2. Use sudo -s to get root privileges.   3. First get the partition / disk where your Mac partition is diskutil list   You should see something like this:   4. In this tutorial is the Mac disk disk0s2   5. Extract the Chameleon archive, go inside the i386 folder, and go back to the terminal. To do this, type "cd " (space after cd), and drag the i386 folder onto the terminal. Then hit return.   6. Install boot0 to the MBR:   7. Install boot1h to the bootsector of your OS X partition:   8. Copy the ‘boot’ file to your root partition:   Or if it's not your current volume:     9. Now we will make our partition active. Our disk is disk0, so our code will be:     It will look like:   --------------------------------------------------------------- For Chameleon 2.0 only ---------------------------------------------------------------   10. Copy Themes and smbios.plist to your Extra folder. You can some themes in this forum, as well some smbios files.   11. Finally add any kexts you wish to /Extra/Extensions folder like you usually would.