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is refit partition synchronizing revertable?

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I was trying to manage triple boot on my macbook. On a clean HD, I installed OSX, then installed rEFIt, then installed XP to the last partition (as mentioned on every triple boot instructions) After that, I was very well using dual boot.


Then I installed Windows 7 to 2nd partition. After that, refit showed 2 options, first one was boot from OSX, second one was boot from last partition WINDOWS XP, when I choose XP, the boot menu of windows comes, then I choose either windows 7 or earlier windows (which is XP)


All I wanted was the three of them on the rEFIt menu > OSX, Windows 7 and Windows XP


Then I tried the partition tool in the refit menu at the bootup which was the biggest mistake :D


I wrongly sycnhronized MBR to GTP, then it changed the windows 7 partition from NTFS to HFS+, now windows is not bootable.


Is there a way to revert those changes or manually edit the table?

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