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Guide: Dual Booting

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What youll need!

1. Windows 7 7100 disk

2. Mac OSX86 disk

3. Ubuntu 9.04 (optional, you may not need this)


Here is how I did it.

Step 1. installed Windows 7, created two partitions. One 54gbs, and another 400gbs. For media.


Step 2. You can either make another partition within Windows 7 using the disk manager, NOTE: make it at least 10gbs and format it to fat32.

Or restart the computer with Ubuntu 9.04 in the disk drive.

Then continue on through the setup until you get to the partition setup and create a partition for Mac OSX86. ( used the first chose on the list " EXIT 3 journled" or something I think it was called.)


Step 3. Time for some Mac OSX! I used Leo4all 10.5.2., format the partition you made earlier and install OSX86 how you normally would. (make sure to choose the right drivers for your build!)


Step 4. After OSX86 is installed, reboot your computer. You should only be able to boot into Windows 7.


Step 5. Download the EASYBCD beta then install it. ( http://neosmart.net/forums/showthread.php?t=642 )


Step 6. Open it and go to " Add/Remove Entries", Click on the mac section. I put mode to "efi(default" and name OSX.

Click "add entry"

Then hit "save"

Restart your computer you will see a list of OS installed.

Should be listed like...


Windows 7

OSX ( or whatever you decided to name it)


Move down to OSX, hit enter and wooot you have a working dual boot!

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