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Bootable SAS RAID 10


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Hi Guys,

basically i'm looking for a bootable SAS RAID 1+0 solution. I have 4x HP 146Gb SAS drives but no controller. I have free PCIe slots of course. I am running Mac OS 10.5 with most stuff being vanilla. I could move my entire install using disk utility to a new 10k rpm SATA drive and just after installing a bootloader it worked like a charm, so im looking for a raid card to do the same on. Put card and drives in, create array in post-BIOS utility, install the driver on my running Mac OS instance, disk utility'ing over that to the array, installing my bootloader and rebooting =) Is it possible with any cheap controller please?


The HighPoint RocketRaid 2642 that a local vendor stocks has Mac drivers, but can anyone tell me if its bootable please? It lists "Bios bootable" as a feature but isnt mac os different in some way that could prevent this?


The Xserve raid solutions that cost twice my yearly salary are not an option btw :)

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