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Problem when installing iAktos v 1.4 on SanDisk 8 GB Cruizer


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i'm trying to install hackintosh on SanDisk 8 GB


i formated the drive as Mac OS X journaled file system


made one partition and called it MAC


when i click install it checks the DVD

then it tells me installation failed for unexpected error


i checked the installer log and i found an error that looked like


disk0s1 couldn't mount


i also had to disconnect my sata hard drive because otherwise the DVD won't boot unless i remove the usb DISK


also in all cases my installation would hang on apple logo unless i use -v in boot options


my PC specifications are:

Core 2 Due E600 1.86GHz

MSI p965 neo

nVidia GeForce 8400 GS

Hard Disk is Sata 2



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