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Insanely Mac Is One Ugly piece Of Website Designing

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Here are your statistics! http://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php


My Resolution, which is 1920x1080px is at 1,97%, 1280x1024px is at 10,88% and 1024x768px is still the first place 25,41%


And on top there is still the Internet Explorer (all versions) with 46,9%....


If you're a real designer you know the work for making a website usable for all browsers ans resolutions out there...

You cannot make a website looking nice for this 1,97% ^^


w3schools.com is very well known.


1024x768 and higher is 76%

IE6 for 2010 is 7.9 %

Netscape is 0, discontinued product because of Mozilla.

Firefox 2010 46.4 %

Opera 2.2% very low

Chrome 13.6%

Safari 3.7%


As you can see the old ways of doing things in design have to change due to technology. As a designer you learn to test your sites on multiple platforms, multiple browsers, Windows, Linux, MacOSX as all operating systems render differently with font, colours, graphics.

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