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Is this hardware supported? Which one is the best?


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This is my hardware and I want to know if it's supported and wich distro:


Proccesor: Intel Pentium 4 2.40Ghz

MB: P4P800 Rev2.00A

Video: Gforce FX5200 DVI 128Mb


Another computer have this configuration:


Proccesor: AMD 64 Athlon

Motherboard: GA-K8NS Pro

Graphics: Gforce FX5200 DVI 128Mb


Aditionally I have this other video card:



I would like to know, what is the better hw for a Hackintosh, and the distro you think is better.

Now I'm trying with Kalyway 10.5.2 and have problems with the installation.


So If I need to download another distro you think it will work, greate.


Thanks a lot.

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Not to be mean, but we get a massive build up of these kindof threads... (Y'know the "will be hardware work?" threads) Your best off searching either google or insanelymac for each individual component..


All I can say is that neither computer will be able to run vanilla kernels (the best way to run Mac OS X).. I highly recommend a retail install but use a voodoo kernel so Mac OS X will actually run. follow these tutorials..


Chameleon bootloader tutorial

Boot132 and Voodoo kernel tutorial


Retail installs are by far the cleanest way to go, as updates are much easier.. little downside is that you have to do a little homework... Which is good, as you really start to understand the underpinnings of Mac OS X, so your less likely to get stuck when you face a problem.


Hope that helped ;)

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nebulOSX your reply is very very usefull to me, I like to know all the possibilities, and the triks, I dont mind to study or investigate a lot, so thanks.


I have read the post, and I understand the next:

1 - Boot-132-Disc loader is some kind of application wich gets the system ready to install a normal ISO of Leopard, the same I have for my iMac and MBP.

2 - Put my Leopard ISO and start from it, install in a normal way my Leopard.

3 - Reboot again but with the Boot-132-Disc loader, so this application will install all the necesary drivers (similar to kexts) in my special partition.


So the method is to run a normal Leopard installation, but over a PC, so the necessary drivers or kexts are in this partition, so Leopard knows the HW like a Mac, and I can use the updates from Apple, in the same way I do with my Macs.

Even If I update some drive, and reinstall the Leopard, I will have those new actualization in my partition.


Something like this??


Well now I have some questions. I read in the BOOT-132 post the AMD is not supported:

AMD systemz isn't supported.

To use Mac OS X Vanilla DVD needs a Intel "Mac" closer systemz, like a Intel Core processos and Intel Chipset. This is only combination supported by "Vanilla Installz", other processors and chipsets isn't supported by "Mac OS X Vanilla systemz"


I read this solution works for Vainilla kernel, wich only works with my Intel Pentium 4.


Another question, with my Graphics Card?? Is supported?? And my Mobos??


At this moment, for my this method sounds more difficult, but I think is a better way to be allways updated, so I will try this method sure.


Thanks for the reply and the new way to study, can reply my questions??


I will read more... thanks.

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Bit off, but you mostly understand it..


The steps to get boot132 and chameleon working are...


1. prepare a boot132 disc, with the neccessary kexts (Mac OS X drivers), you can set it to boot a kernel off the boot132 disc (in this case the voodoo kernel).. this will make it a near retail install, as you won't be running the vanilla kernel because you can't on your hardware, sadly.. (search around for tutorials)


2. Boot the boot132 disc, follow the prompts, swap the boot132 disc for the retail leopard DVD, enter your drive ID (usually "9F") and hit enter. The Leopard DVD will boot up if all goes well.


3. make two partitions, one for the bootloader (about 200mb), one for the leopard install (Won't go into the specifics here, follow the macloader tutorial I linked you two in my previous post for more info)


4. When Leopard is installed on the install partition, boot it with the boot132 disc, this time the device ID is usually 80 for the first HDD, 81 for the second etc


5. setup the bootloader partition following the macloader tutorial, replace the default kernel (located at /Mach_Kernel) and change the boot plist so it knows which kernel to boot, so it can boot on your hardware.


Boot132 is essentially a wrapper for Leopard, tricks Leopard into thinking its running on a Mac.


let me know if you want me to tell you all that in simpler terms, its being lame being treated like a noob, don't want to insult your intelligence! for all I know you could be an OSX86 genius who needs a push in the right direction!

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Yes, that is.... I work in the IT sector, Support of Linux over lots of big customers. In my house I try Mac, orginal OS X and I can't work with another distro at home.... in my customer, big servers Linux is the most :-)


Then I can read lot of documents, lots of information, but If you puts me in the correct way I will thank you forever :-) I have spent all the day reading about, seeing lots of youtube videos. Obviously I can buy some new HW, but I want to make my two old computers to work with OSx86..... If I need to buy a graphic card I will, but if its not necessary.....


Some questions about your very very good points:

1. prepare a boot132 disc, with the neccessary kexts (Mac OS X drivers), you can set it to boot a kernel off the boot132 disc (in this case the voodoo kernel).. this will make it a near retail install, as you won't be running the vanilla kernel because you can't on your hardware, sadly.. (search around for tutorials)

If I understand, because I have an AMD I need another kernel... what? Besides I have another proccessor and Intel Pentium 4, this can be usefull?


Another question: The MacLoader application must be installed in the Leopard, after I could install the Retail Leopard. Isnt it? So I need to make a good boot132 disc with the kext and the kernel for my hardware in order to start the Leopard. Because now I can install the Leopard Kalyway but I have a problem at boot time, something with the Nvidia or similar.


A good site to find a suitable boot 132 disc for my HW?? Or a link with the HOw-to ?? I will continue with the information, thanks again, I continue here trying :-)

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