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Moving Physical OSX 10.4 to Virtual Machine

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I've searched every forum and used every google combination I can think of and I haven't found any information on this. No it can't be done or I did it... Nothin'. So here's the situation...


I have the hard drive from my old mac (which met a very sad demise a few months ago). It ran OSX 10.4 and I have since learned that several of the programs I used and loved only work under 10.4 and do not have 10.5, Windows, or Linux equivalents. I want to take my old hard drive with my existing installation and turn it into a virtual machine. At this time, I do not have another Mac and am planning on running the virtual machine on an existing Ubuntu/XP desktop.


I have the disks that came with the computer (not that I think those will do me any good...) and a good understanding of the command line. I thought about using dd to clone the Mac hd and using either Pear PC or VMWare to run it, but I have no idea if this would actually work (and many reasons to suspect it wouldn't). Any thoughts/ideas/experiences would be welcome.

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