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how does one edit a photo like this?

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Hi all,


I am new to dslr,

Just wonderful what in general does a photo like this need to edit to look like this.

For example, if you know, how did the following photo happened?

what did the person do to adjust it in the post proecess stagse.


thanks again


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that looks a good photo. What's been done to it depends on what needed doing....

Obviously with such lack of depth of field displayed the photo was probably taken with low f-number.


Alternatively a blur tool may have been used to (PS CS4 blur tool with mask one option) with a sharpener NIK Sharpener) tool for the bench in foreground.


Personally I think that most photographers know what they are looking for when they take the photo and wouldn't be post processing to the extent of the above. In this case they've possibly just:


1. Levelled the photo

2. Shadow / Hightlighted

3 Finally applied a custom filter (Check out Nik's offerings again)


Hope this helps.

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it also looks like they used a magic wand of some kind to select the sky and change the color to the yellow on this image. you can see in the full-sized picture that the leaves don't look quite right where they abut the sky.


they could have shot the image with filters, or used a special camera setting. they could have changed the overall appearance with a photo editing program. i think even picnik.com lets people keep one area in focus while blurring the rest if they want to make that kind of adjustment.

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A quick way (if you know a little bit about photoshop or lightroom, or a similar program) to get a picture like this is to google "vintage post processing actions" (for photoshop) or "vintage presets" (for lightroom).


A lot of people are really good at post processing, and they put up free actions or presets. You can download them and apply them to your own photos.


You can also look at the steps these actions went through to achieve the final result, and you can learn that way.


For an idea of what Photoshop can do, click here:




(I just googled it, I haven't used any of them myself)

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dslr - low f stop, filter (maybe graduated polarized + yellow or just polarized) and slow syncro flash! no post!



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