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Printer stopping sleep


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I was wondering if anyone could help me here.


My computer sleeps absolutely perfectly (sleep/deep sleep) with the addition of VoodooPower + OpenHaltRestart.


Video wakes, network wakes, sound wakes, network mounts remount, USB disks remount etc.


BUT, the computer does not go to sleep if my HP PSC 1402 printer is turned on?!?!


Anyone have any ideas what is causing this, or possible solutions?


Simply turning the printer off fixes the problem, so I doubt it is a backround software issue


Doing this all the time is a pain.


Any help greatly appreciated!




I thought I would add some extra info...


To get restart/shutdown working again, a patch needed to be applied, don't remember which one.


I also believe I am running an older seatbelt.kext, and a very old AppleACPI.kext


I have only just reinstalled OSX86, but I have all these files backed up (including instruction web pages saved on disk) so I will be able to get it back to its previous state pretty quickly. Actually, I have the entire working Extensions directory backed up, so it should only take a boot off DVD to get it back exactly the way it was before.


I remember having to edit the AppleUSBEHCI.kext with a compatibility line for VoodooPower install, the printer driver may need the same patch? just a thought.


PS. Although the printer is plugged into a USB2.0 port, I do not believe it is a USB2.0 device!

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