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[help] ALC883 questions...


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Hello :)

I'm trying to bring the ALC883 to life on my Acer Travelmate 4220 wlmi (specs).

I'm running iDeneb v1.4, I've tried without success the various options (azalia, alc883, alc883 patched by taruga, alc883 patched digital).

Also tried using AppleHDAPatcherv1.20, and then substituted ALCinject with HDAenabler. No sound, just the jacked mic working :b


I've been reading the threads about HDA patching, and went as far as getting a codec dump from ubuntu and creating the relevant verbs (attached) but before going further:


1) Where my card is different from desktop versions? Could I patch existing solutions?

2) Is HDA patching the only remaining option? Have I missed something obvious?


Bear with me, I'm a n00b regarding mac side of things...

Thanks in advance, R



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