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p5w dh Ram upgrade post 10.5.6 2gb to 8gb


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Thanks for advice the other day on my ram upgrade on my p5w dh.

Just thought if anyone else was going down the same route

just ordered some

this ram is a steal ddr2 8500 at £33.00 inc vat




8gb on route to me!

let just hope it doesn't bugger everything up!

Has anyone else gone from 2gb to 8gb with this board?

did you need to remap memory???????



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installed the extra ram to be honest i think 4gb would have been enough running a few apps and encoding a movie in imovie09 I was still only hitting 2gb!

so before you spend your hard earned dosh try 2*2gb first.

8gb looks good on paper but in real world the jury is still out.



8gb ocz 8500 ram 4*2gb ddr2

nvida 8800gt



kalyway install then efi boot loader installed then fully upgraded to 10.5.6

Not overclocked

geekbench =Summary


Section Description Score Geekbench Score

Geekbench 2.1.2 for Mac OS X x86 (64-bit)

Integer Processor integer performance 5527 5605

Floating Point Processor floating point performance 8364

Memory Memory performance 2628

Stream Memory bandwidth performance 2180

System Information


Operating System Mac OS X 10.5.6 (Build 9G55)

Model Hackintosh Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5W DH Deluxe Rev 1.xx

Processor Intel® Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz

Processor ID GenuineIntel Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11

Processors 1 Threads 4

Cores 4 Memory 8.00 GB 0 MHz SDRAM

Processor Frequency 3.80 GHz Bus Frequency 1.06 GHz

L1 Instruction Cache 32.0 KB L1 Data Cache 32.0 KB

L2 Cache 4.00 MB L3 Cache 0.00 B

BIOS American Megatrends Inc. 2801

Integer Section


Section Score 5527



single-threaded scalar 1562

68.6 MB/sec



multi-threaded scalar 6635

271.9 MB/sec


Text Compress

single-threaded scalar 2166

6.93 MB/sec


Text Compress

multi-threaded scalar 7947

26.1 MB/sec


Text Decompress

single-threaded scalar 1887

7.76 MB/sec


Text Decompress

multi-threaded scalar 7353

29.3 MB/sec


Image Compress

single-threaded scalar 2081

17.2 Mpixels/sec


Image Compress

multi-threaded scalar 8009

67.4 Mpixels/sec


Image Decompress

single-threaded scalar 1991

33.4 Mpixels/sec


Image Decompress

multi-threaded scalar 7267

118.6 Mpixels/sec



single-threaded scalar 4077

1.57 Mnodes/sec



multi-threaded scalar 15360

5.91 Mnodes/sec


Floating Point Section


Section Score 8364



single-threaded scalar 1797

1.20 Gflops



multi-threaded scalar 6943

4.54 Gflops


Dot Product

single-threaded scalar 3253

1.57 Gflops


Dot Product

multi-threaded scalar 13644

6.22 Gflops


Dot Product

single-threaded vector 2529

3.03 Gflops


Dot Product

multi-threaded vector 11527

12.0 Gflops


LU Decomposition

single-threaded scalar 1299

1.16 Gflops


LU Decomposition

multi-threaded scalar 5115

4.48 Gflops


Primality Test

single-threaded scalar 4657

695.6 Mflops


Primality Test

multi-threaded scalar 13260

2.46 Gflops


Sharpen Image

single-threaded scalar 5011

11.7 Mpixels/sec


Sharpen Image

multi-threaded scalar 18338

42.3 Mpixels/sec


Blur Image

single-threaded scalar 6232

4.93 Mpixels/sec


Blur Image

multi-threaded scalar 23496

18.5 Mpixels/sec


Memory Section


Section Score 2628


Read Sequential

single-threaded scalar 3914

4.79 GB/sec


Write Sequential

single-threaded scalar 2449

1.68 GB/sec


Stdlib Allocate

single-threaded scalar 2270

8.47 Mallocs/sec


Stdlib Write

single-threaded scalar 2166

4.48 GB/sec


Stdlib Copy

single-threaded scalar 2345

2.42 GB/sec


Stream Section


Section Score 2180


Stream Copy

single-threaded scalar 1946

2.66 GB/sec


Stream Copy

single-threaded vector 2177

2.82 GB/sec


Stream Scale

single-threaded scalar 2045

2.65 GB/sec


Stream Scale

single-threaded vector 2148

2.90 GB/sec


Stream Add

single-threaded scalar 2482

3.75 GB/sec


Stream Add

single-threaded vector 2275

3.17 GB/sec


Stream Triad

single-threaded scalar 2724

3.76 GB/sec


Stream Triad

single-threaded vector 1643

3.08 GB/sec

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i have 8gb of ram and it depends on what your doing. in logic pro (Digital Audio Workstation Program) i have gone to up 8gbs of ram used using the exs24 instument sampler. so in cases of video/audio editing lots of ram really does help.

True i am sure it does with a few applications, but if your bog standard like me then 4gb will cut the cloth for almost all my needs.

I will play with light room to see if it takes advantage.

Just warning those new mac like me who will be running standard apps most of the time ;)

but at £33 for 4gb 8500 ddr2 it wont break the bank to house the full 8gb

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