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Need help with iPC OSx86 final ISO on nforce4m-A


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I tried to install Mac OS X Leopard with iPC OSx86 final ISO(aka iPC Beta with PPF5) V1.1 PPF on my nvidia nforce4m-a.


MD5 hash of Patched ISO is: 723fbe0f7f619e30e4c92c1865450a18


When i try to boot from this cd,always displays "Still waiting for root device",found 0 units,etc,


seems like there is some issue with AppleNforceATA...


I tried to boot with -v,-x -v,-f...and always come this far!!


Does anyone can help me,because I'm feeling depressed,and after all this patches I still can't install Leopard on my PC?? :)


I'm gratefull for any help!Thanks on advance!!

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