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MIDI latency help!


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I don't know what that is and I'm not going half way across the internet to find out. You're the one asking for help, it's your responsibility to bring as much information to the table as possible. I don't know you, your equipment, or how you're using it.


If it's hooked up via USB, try the USB 2.0 drivers by Slice.


But you don't say anything about what version of Leopard you're running so I don't know if that's a good idea.


When you say MIDI latency what do you mean exactly? There are many ways this can be interpreted. For example I'm pretty sure you mean Audio latency but I have no way of knowing really.


More information please.


Try something stand-alone, for example the Native Instruments B4 Demo and see if the latency is bad there as well.

I have a EMU X-MIDI 1x1 USB MIDI interface and the latency is not too bad in B4. Wouldn't want to use it with drum pads though.

I'm using the on-board sound in my signature, previously with AzaliaAudio.kext, then AppleHDA and now VoodooHDA.

But I've only tried B4 when I was using AzaliaAudio.kext.

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