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System recognizes my HD as ATA when 2 HD's are plugged in.

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This is my HD setup:

I have a gigabyte mobo without a proper SATA slot,only two IDE slots,and I have 3 HD to be plugged.

1st one is my SATA drive with mac 10.5.6 installed.Runs fine with 50mb/s in xbench.I connected it by a IDE->SATA converter so I could have it on my mobo.

2nd one is an IDE drive,with windows 7 installed,runs pretty ok when booted in windows 7.

3rd one is another IDE drive,using it as a data drive,runs fine also in windows 7.


So here comes my problem:

When I boot into OSX with only the SATA drive plugged in,system profile recognizes it as a SATA driver,although in -v I see it booted with AppleGenericPCATA.kext,this is the ideal output.

However,when I plug in the other two drives and boot from OSX all the drives were recognized as ATA,including the startup SATA drive.It runs extremely slow and only had 2mb/s read/write speed in xbench.

What is worse is that when I rebooted with just the OSX SATA drive plugged again,it never recognize as SATA!

I had to recover my backup extensions and all works fine again until another boot with the IDE drives plugged.

I don't mind to have to pull out my IDE drives every time I start OSX,but now I can't change it back anymore except to recover my backup extensions!


Please help me to get through this as it is very frustrating to me,I know how to patch my kext so please give me some guidelines if it requires patching kexts.


PS: I have a SiS964L chipset if that helps.

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