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Boot Camp without Monitor Connected


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I have set up my mac mini to boot directly to linux. I have completely reformatted the HD in cfdisk with MBR only partition table. Lilo is installed in the MBR, and I have the 1.0 firmware which can load lilo from the disk in bios emulation (legacy) mode.


Everything was fine. And I posted the Mac Mini off to the hosting company to use as a server.


Then I discovered a big problem. With no monitor connected, the mac mini will not boot!

With no monitor connected the system seems to freeze (before it even boots lilo). Reconnecting a monitor at this point will not help either. A big problem if you have a mac min sitting in a rack at a remote location with no monitor connected to it!


has anyone else experienced this problem (try it) ?


I would be interested if the new 1.01 firmware fixes this or not or if loading via refit makes any difference.

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