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BIG PROBLEM: FANS DOESN'T WORK after uninstall + automatic control is DISABLED when InputRemapper is ON

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I've got a a BIG PROBLEM.


After uninstall InputRemaper on my MAcBook PRO 17"

under Win XP, my FANS doesn't automaticaly speed up

even if processor gets 90 (!!!) Celsius.


I'm affraid my MBPro will burn up!



How to fix it ?



I've made some trials and noticed, that after install of InputRemapper

automatic control of fan speed is DISABLED (fan speed is on constant

level, and doesn't change even if processor or GPU get hot).


Do you know how get back to default behaviour of fans?


I've got MBPro SantaRosa 17" GF M8600 GT




Thanks in advance for solution,



OK, I've made some research and found that topic:




It's about MAC OS X, but the problem is analogical under WinXP.




After several trials I've discovered, that at temperature about 95 Celsius,

the fans finally started to speed up.


So, the problem isn't with InputRemapper, I guess...



What are yours experiences?




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