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ideneb v1.4 internet issue


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So, after searching and installing, and reinstalling and repairing my windows boot record etc etc. . . i finally found a copy of OS X that installed on the first try, and booted right into the intro movie and then into OS X with BOTH monitors working in their proper resolutions.


The only problem that I have found is internet.


My ethernet card is found, and listed under system profiler as well as having a green light in the network setup interface. I just cannot seem to get onto the internet.


My spec's are as follows:


ASUS P5N-D (nforce 750)


Intel Core2Duo E8400


Palit 9600gt 1GB DDR3


250gb SATA II (MacOSX)


350gb SATA II (Vista 64bit Ultimate)


1tb SATA II (MOVIES! lol)


I have tried to reset my router (Netgear wireless) and my modem (Comcast) but with no luck.


Any help would be appreciated!

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