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Vostro 1400 trackpad woes

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After what seemed to be an eternity I finally got Leopard running on my Vostro 1400. Almost everything is running just fine - sleep, wireless, sound, full graphics acceleration including QE and CI, SD-Card reader, etc. Only my trackpad seems to be rather reluctant to cooperate. The basics work just fine with the default ApplePS2Controller.kext, namely moving the mouse cursor around the screen. That's about it though, I get neither scrolling nor tapping, and while I'm not too crazy about scrolling it's the tapping that I really miss. Also, with the default kext I don't have a trackpad section in System Preferences - Keyboard & Mouse


As far as I know it's an ALPS trackpad. I've tried different ALPS drivers posted in these forums here and replaced the original ApplePS2Controller.kext probably a dozen times. The result is always the same: either the trackpad stops working at all, or whenever I touch it ever so slightly the mouse cursor begins slow rise upper left and right-clicks at what seems to be a rate of around ten clicks per second. The hacked/enhanced/modified ApplePS2Controller.kext files do result in a trackpad section showing up in System Preferences / Keyboard & Mouse but as I have mentioned, the trackpad becomes unusable as soon as I replace the original kext.


Any ideas what else I can try?

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