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MAC PRO Case mod project with EATX motherboard

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TYAN S5382

The most powerful motherboard with Intel 5000P chipset and the same platform with MAC PRO.





Maybe you will feel I'm a fool that use the same platform but needs so much refit the parts.

Because my S5382 motherboard is the engineering sample from TYAN.

It's a very good design in server platform.


After look at the spec and design of motherboard.

I decide use the MAC PRO case to do this project because the structure almost the same with MAC PRO mother board.


But TYAN S5382 can support 64GB ram with 16 DIMM slot higher than MAC PRO original memory card.


And I want to use 8 hard drive to build a RAID-6 system with Dell PERC 6-i RAID card.

Yes~ It's also engineering sample from Dell.


Here is my system quick view.

All the power / signal cable will re design to fit my motherboard and power supply.


Maybe I will take two or three weeks to do this project.


Photo as below.

Case inside



The components block quick view




Use three 12cm fan for CPU/chipset/memory/harddrive cooling



I will not cut out all back panel to fit my motherboard I/O.

Another way I'll make some cable to link between back panel and motherboard.



If this project can be success.

That I will have a more powerful inside than MAC PRO but keep beautiful outside.

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Looks very interesting. I have a brand new Mac Pro case and I am looking through various threads to see what the best approach is for making a DIY hackintosh. I will definitely stay tuned to your project!

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>>Hi digiboy

Thanks for your interest


Update project state.


Original MAC PRO case can not install ATX or EATX MB because the SATA cable interference with it.


For this issue. I got some SATA connector free sample from Molex sales yesterday.

(The part number is: CD011170A but phase out now)




Use this connector. The case can be install ATX/EATX MB without interference with SATA cable.









The gap between MB and case only 1.5mm each side.




For install Galaxy 1000W power supply I cut out the CD-ROM chassis and remove fan partition.




And here is MB chassis concept.


All the standoffs will remove for new MB chassis.

The chassis will make by aluminum and CNC cutting.


So now I need to check case inner dimension for new chassis kit.


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For Galaxy 1000W power supply installation but keep original side cover.

I cut out the power supply front case like this.









Empty case with side cover.





Also keep original AC power connector.



Outside view





Inner view




Less 30mm gap after install CD-ROM and power supply.


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Very nice and so clean job !

For me your Hack is not a mod, it's an exemple of good and beautifull hardware integration !

Principally I like your MB chassis idea…



If I can tell you a little suggestion, put in here original MacPro/PM G5 fans… ;)


Sorry for my bad English. :(

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For power supply installation to fit case inner space.

All the cable needs modify the length.


Cut wires.








Add insulation tube.




Finished main power cable.



Spent two hours only for making one ATX power cable.

Since it will take two or three day to modify power supply.

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Probably the nicest home-made mac pro pro :P


Keep on rockin' and give us some more pics! I'm going to build a G4 Intel Dual-Core Version and may spending some real time into it to realize. But yours will be a bit nicer :(


I'm kinda envious...



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I'm very excited to find this thread as I am starting to work on my 2009 Mac Pro chassis. I'm not going to do EATX but I am curious how things turned out with your power supply? My PS cables seem to be long enough so hopefully I won't have to do any modifications there.


How did you remove the metal grill that was between the power supply and the cdroms? It seems to have 3 nuts anchored to the top of the case that are impossible to get off.


I would also like to see more of how your new motherboard fit to the chassis - I have to figure out what to do with the original standoffs and how to anchor the new motherboard.





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