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FIXED! GMA 900 / 915 Laptop Fix for Leopard 10.5.2! (Quartz & NO PIN),


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(Sorry posted this on another part of the forums, any ways i hope someone could shed light to this matter. thanks! This may also be a fix for other laptops too)





Hi guys, GOOD NEWS! i discovered a way for a laptop with GMA900 /915 to work without a pin....


Well, funny! in a way it starts off using the pin trick so you can install it on your laptop to avoid the blue screen. i used mac 4 all v.3



i didnt select any video card from the panel (installer).

when i finished my installation i used OSX86Tools to install the kexts(Found at my link)

then after installing all 4 kexts 1 by 1 -from andy4life- (and rebooting after each one,) i got quartz with it! and full screen resolution. Still with the pin trick attached... Then after rebooting, i installed a pkg (GMA950) from another source-(just like a display trick they use with the wind,). Now, i detached the pin from my laptop and it worked! :DThe ONLY PROBLEM I HAVE NOW IS Its SET TO A LOWER RESOLUTION AND THE QUARTZ HAD BEEN DISABLED. :) I tried using the OSX86Tools too activate quartz, but to no avail. o think its the last GMA950.pkg that did this. i hope that someone could make an installer (coz i dunno) out of the files from the first folder (Step1) namely gma950.kext and apple.framebuffer(or something like that) to emulate the other gma950.pkg uploaded at step 2 -2nd folder... (i chekd it on pacifist). i have tried editing the com.applebootlist for graphics mode but still doesnt work even cscreen. i think thats the only way its gonna work. Guys! please help!!!! THERES STILL HOPE FOR GMA900!!!! :)




- FIXED! i was able to have it detected and working with full quartz! i just installed the APPLEINTELGMA950.kext & Laptop display.kext from folder 1 (STEP1) with osk86tools and rebooted after installing each one. when i returned to the desktop i just verified the permissions with hdutil. now everythings okay! i hope that i could help alot of users out there! :D















OSX86Tools here

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