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internet for iPhone via its USB connection


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How can I get internet for iPhone via its USB connection, because my iPhone's Wi-Fi is dead ?

If I use iBooter I can see next network hardware:
] radio readnvram
radio readnvram
Read 1536 bytes from nvram in 2467400 usec.
Radio NVRAM Entries:
 Type: 0x0004  Size: 0x0014  Purpose: Build Name - "J572755DDVKTA"
 Type: 0x0007  Size: 0x0004  Purpose: Not Avaliable
 Type: 0x0001  Size: 0x01f4  Purpose: WIFI Calibration Data (crc 1082363497)
 Type: 0x0002  Size: 0x0006  Purpose: WIFI Hardware Address (00:xx:xx:xx:xx:8f)

 Type: 0x0003  Size: 0x0006  Purpose: BT Hardware Address (00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)
 Type: 0x0005  Size: 0x0006  Purpose: Ethernet Hardware Address (00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx)


So how you can see iPhone has Ethernet Hardware.

In this tutorial was described the way how to SSH to get your iphone online via USB cable.


How can I get it in Ubuntu ? If I connect iPhone to Ubuntu I can't get connect SSH connect to iPhone via USB.

May be It should be use something like ifconfig in iPhone ?

Any idea ?

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look into tethering (a new feature in os3.0)* but I've only seen other solutions for windows (using usb) other involving using adhock network connection ect

but none using the iphone as wifi adapter sadly


Locked out of standard firmware

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