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Massive Data loss / Corruption on NTFS


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I hope I'm posting in the correct section...


I am running Kallyway DVD updated to 10.5.6 and running Vanilla Kernel 9.6


Specs are:


Asus P5E mobo

Intel Quad Core Extreme QX6850 @ 3.8GHZ

8GB OCZ Platinum Ram 1111MHZ

BFG 8800 GT OC2 512MB


Hard drives:




36GB Raptor Vista

3x 1.5TB (raid 5) Data


I have Macfuse Installed with the newest NTFS 3g (hard drive cache enabled at the time)


I was watching a movie from my data drive and playing a game on second monitor without issues for multiple hours, I left for a few hours, came back monitor was on standby since I am having issues coming back from Sleep.


I try to continue a TV season I was watching and noticed that ALL folders starting with Season 1,2,4,or 6 are all 0KB and are not accessible. I have tried running a windows diskcheck with repair, where infact found 176k errors but states were fixed, but even in windows data is still coming as Season 1 (file not folder) at 0KB



On the hard drive free space did not budge at all, meaning that the data is still there in some shape or form... Does anybody here have any idea on where I could start looking for a solution?


Losing over 1000gigs of media is not cool!!





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Why people insist on using third party software to access non-supported file systems on an already hacked OS is beyond me.


I would suggest you boot windows XP or Vista and run R-Studio ( It is the best I know for recovering files). You will of course need another drive onto which to copy the files over. Reconstructing the partition table is also an option, albeit a very risky one since windows already "fixed" your drive (big thumbs down to MS there, as always).


I'm sorry for your loss, dude. I hope you can fix it!

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