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Insert EFI Driver

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Hi all,


Currently i'm working on injecting a new EFI driver into EFI Firmware/Option ROM. I have the binary code of the new driver (.efi, or .rom if needed), and i need it to be executed at the power on of my Mac Mini... I thought on performing this action by building my own EFI Firmware image, but currently i'm thinking about changing the point of view...


Does anybody know an easy way to inject my own EFI driver? I have been wornking hard on the driver development, but now i don't know how to insert it... ;)



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finally i have developed a EFI Driver for my Atheros Wifi Card (AR5BXB6 - AR5007EG), Vendor: 168C, Device: 001C. I have a Mac Mini. By the moment, i have written my new driver with EDK (EFI Development Kit), following the instructions given in the EFI Specifications by Intel.


Now i have a dump of the PCI Expansion ROM contained in my Wifi Card (which is supposed to contain the EFI Driver in a particular format). The issue is that this particular format does not match with EFI PCI Specifications by Intel. Therefore, i don't know where to write (in which PCI Expansion ROM address) my driver binary code.


I need EFI to load my driver automatically once the machine is powered up, and then I need to write my driver in a correct way into the Expansion ROM, and surely modify my NVRAM.


I have a tool to directly modify the PCI Expansion ROM of my Atheros.


Could anyone please tell me where to find information about PCI Expansion ROM Binary Layout of PCI Cards in Apple Mac Mini?



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