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Some little (major) problems

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First of all I am new here and I apreciate all the effort that all you guys give for a cheaper "mac".


My rig is based on Intel Q6600

Abit IP35Pro

4x2gb transcend 800mhz ram

2x500gb Seagate

2x250gb Hitachi

Enermax 460w


And it runs Leopard 10.5.6 using boot 132 method


The major problem is that I've spend over 100 euros for wifi cards that don't work.


First with a linksys w54 which I got the ver.4 (sold now)

Second with a Levelone WNC-0300 ver.4 (I tried the fix nothing works)

Third with a linksys wmp300n ver.2 (I tried the fix nothing works)


In the osx86tools both 2,3 cards are recognized in the pci field but i can't see them in the about this mac=>more info =>Airport field neither to get them to work.


Help will be trully apreciated!


The other problem that I have is that I can't monitor the temps of my cpu(I tried temperature monitor and iStat pro)


Help will be trully apreciated also!


And last when I am doing something and using only one hdd when I go to another I have lag till the heads start!


Help will be trully apreciated also!

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