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Apple Keyboard Stops Working Under WinXP - Bootcamp


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Hi everyone,


Ive been having a problem with my Apple Keyboard under XP with my iMac.


It simply stops working and the caps lock light stays on.


The solution so far is to unplug and then reconnect my keyboard... but it happens every 5 mins which is annoying.


Is there a solution to this problem?


I have tried using a different USB for the mighty mouse.... but no avail!





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I suggest that you purchase a Microsoft keyboard/ mouse which is configurable as a Mac keyboard/mouse, such as a Microsoft Desktop Elite Wireless keyboard/mouse.




:angry: This set has a wireless basestation allowing access from around 6'.


:angry: The provided CD will start up in which ever OS it is being inserted.


:angry: All keys on the keyboard are completely configurable using the software in either OS.


:angry: Depending on the hardware, the keyboard will be programmed with which ever OS keyboard configuration it is installed on.


:star_smile: You may have a separate keyboard/mouse boot configuration for either OS.




:( Don't forget to download the Microsoft Desktop 6.0 software if you did not receive it when you purchased your desktop.


:) You will have to change batteries in the keyboard (3) and mouse (2) every few months.


:D You may not change key caps.


:angry: The keycaps are strictly Windows caps.


As you see, the "pros" more than outweigh the "cons".

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