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AppleNForceATA - Help build a case for a new driver


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Hello Peeps,


i have noticed that MeDevil, Bikedude and Slashack have all made contributions to bringing us a "working" driver for nforce ata (which I'm sure we are all thankful for)


The problem is i think that the driver is possibly buggy and incomplete.


Current problems that i am aware of are:-


No SATA dvd suport (except for AppleNForceATA test version which is read-only with no published source code)


Low benchmarks for SATA drives. (takes forever to repair permissions on nforce4 ata using slashack's latest kext)


PATA (which works well actually) requires disk drives to be connected to the first available slot rather than any slot.


Various issues with more recent MCP chip sets.


I was wondering if i can build a case for developing a new nforce ata driver which will just work with all available nvidia controllers and at FULL SPEED + full source code.


Please can everyone post their benchmarks and issues here and hopefully we can start opening this project up again because MeDevil says it is not rocket science to devleop a driver.


Maybe freebsd, linux sources and emails to nvidia will help.


However, i do not think I would be the person to make the driver.


May the benchmarking and postings begin in earnest....!!





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