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Strange happenings


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After re-installing 10.4.3 again ( I just can't leave well enough alone) I have some strange "features" that showed up for the first time.


First off was the black finder and trash can icons. As you can see from the picture, the finder icon is black anywhere on the computer.


Second, the sound. It is working, even before I edited the applehda.kext file. But before, or after, there is no audio kext loaded in the system profiler.


Third, for the first time since messing with OSx86, I have extra folders when I open my hard drive icon. They have Mac OS 9 in the name, such as "Applications (Mac OS 9)". Where did these come from? Why didn't I see them before and is it ok to delete them?


Thoughts.....These aren't really problems, just something that I thought was interesting. As for the finder, I can open the force quit window, restart finder and everything's back to normal.





Haha, just kidding. Pictures help huh? I can only seem to get one to attach, so here it is.



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