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This is going to sound very rude or bad or whatever negative names you can give. Before I could write it let me say that I love MAC OS X – I will certainly pay for it if it works on my VGN-TZ37GN/B out of the box – without any patches or fixes or disablers or enablers.

Personally I was very excited about the idea of having MAC OS X on VGN-TZ37GN/B as I could not buy a Mac Book Pro because of it size. I have been trying to install OS X since last 20 days. Day and day out – I have reinstalled my system at least 10 times a day – with all possible listed combinations – just to get 2 most important peripherals working – Wi-Fi/LAN and 1366x768 display – and I am amazed to find out that everything works but not these things. I mean surely there are very smart, intelligent and super expert minds out there who can device patches for sound, camera, or for some chip sets which are not Intel 945 (like they say Gigabyte Laptops are just meant for MC OS X) – then why not for these peripherals? Why do you think someone will buy a 3000$ non MAC hardware just because it is x86 and one can install patched OS X on it? I would rather go and buy a 600$ MAC Mini and that’s it ( that’s what I did after my wify counseled me looking at my condition and gave me permission to just go and buy one.)

So at the end; my question to all of you is – Why are we doing this when it is not working 100%? I mean what is keeping you all so attached to it when you know that it is not going to work 100%? Or why it is so difficult to have an installation which can detect the hardware and arrange all the patches accordingly and user needs to just click “Install”….


Let me say sorry to every soul whom I might have hurt with my words…

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