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Leo4All V3 10.5.2


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i checked the HCL and also used this link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=150411 (up to 1. D) as a guide to setup my pc.


M2A-VM VIA SB600 / ATi 690g

LEO4ALL V3, default kernel in DVD installer - - On AMD 4600+ x2 CPU

Motherboard BIOS version 1501

Audio, LAN, SATA 100% out of box

SATA DVD install works out of box

IDE DVD-RW (ATA) working with dcat's kext (search Insanelymac.com)

nVidia Geforce 8600 GT 256mb (works fully with NVInject 0.2.0, using this method

Had to switch SATA controller to AHCI in BIOS. Warning: Switch this back to IDE if you installed Windows XP on another drive.

If you use PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse (instead of USB) disable USB legacy support in BIOS Setup.

N/A Everything works 100%, the onboard ATi x1250 card works with Kalyway, probably with LEO4ALL as well.


ive done everything here. the only difference is that my processor is an AMD Athlong 64 X2 4200+


the only problem i think ive come across is the IDE DVD-RW (ATA). ive searched for dcat's kext but im not exactly sure what im looking for and what im suppose to do if and when i find whatever kext in order for leo4all to work on my pc. all i know is you need to have the iso and somehow put the kext in there and i guess burn it to dvd again.


if its not too much trouble can someone point me to dcat's kext. im still gonna look for it but im gonna need help on what to do afterwards.

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