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Computer won't boot to OSX


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Alright, I'll try to get straight to the point. I just installed Leo4Allv4.1 on an older hard drive I salvaged from my previous computer. There's nothing else installed on this hard drive, as I completely reformated it just for OSX and installed it on the entire partition. I've gone through the installation, and it was successful (I'm assuming, as it was about two minutes from being done and I went to the bathroom, and I came back to having my computer rebooting itself).


My problem comes when I try to boot into the hard drive with OSX on it, it'll take me to a screen that says "to boot with startup options type -v" or "hit enter to boot" or something like that, and it counts down from about three seconds. The computer then proceeds to reboot itself and to present me with the same screen. It's basically just an endless loop.


I've tried booting with the cd in the drive and booting from the hard drive, because I had read that that had been somewhat of a problem for people, but it did nothing, except ask me to reinstall Mac OSX.




Computer specs -

nvidia geforce 9500gt

amd phenom 9550 2.2ghz cpu

asrock n61p-s motherboard (nvidia geforce 6150SE / mnforce 430 chipset)

4gig ram




I'm not too sure any of my other hardware could have any effect on booting my computer.

Anyone have any ideas what I could do?

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