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I wanted to dual boot Vista and OS X, but ran into a few problems. I spent a long time on each problem, and eventually got by it but i've now hit a brick wall.


I installed OS X and i can now boot it up, but only from the Boot 132 disk that i have. I have tried to install chameleon but every time i do, it does nothing. My computer will try to boot up as normal and then OS X will tell me to restart.


Also, (magically) half of my hard drive (which i had partitioned for Vista) is unusable. I admitted defeat at one stage and was going to install vista, but i could only install it on half of my hard drive. I then formatted it, (using linux because windows said it couldn't do it), to ntfs. And then Vista said it couldn't use that partition.


So what i have now is a computer with OS X, that i have to boot with Boot 132 (which takes forever) and that has no sound drivers.


Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Anything will be greatly appreciated




(P.S: i originally posted this in the very, VERY wrong place, under benchmarks :s)

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