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vista bcd, e-sata drive, osx, 7

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yes.. it's so good (now that e-sata pen drive are good price) to use a 32gb e-sata (throttle brand is mine)


with a 90r/30w I've installed osx and seven in less time respect to the internata sata2 drive (54w in sequential and half in read.. bot very low in random r/w!!) because of the natural low speed of an hdd in a laptop!!


then.. seven and vista can not be deployed into usb pen.. and if I clone a good setup of both into a usb pen.. the system doesn't want to load the system..


but!! voilà.. e-sata pen drive yes!!



2 partitions:

15gb for a osx

15gb for seven or vista


but here is the probem:

because the laptop wan't know to boot into e-sata drive.. (maybe i hope the next bios bill fix that!)

i need to put into easybcd the link to osx/7 into the e-sata drive.


but easy bcd only know the letter G: and in that partition it try to search blablabla/winload.exe


at the boot I receive an error because it search for a letter that is not valid..


the question:


in the bcd store.. can I put the string like older boot.ini.. for example scsi(2)disk(2)rdisk(0)partition(1)or multi(1) etc etc..?


or i must use a linux grub boot manager?


or wait until the newer chamaleon will be delivered??



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