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Weird Shutdown-issue


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i have installed OSX Retail 10.5.6 and start the PC over EFI Partition with these kexts (System in Sig):


AppleAHCIPort.kext (for ICH10)



IONetworkingFamily.kext (HDDIcons)

LegacyAppleAHCIPort.kext (for ICH10)

LegacyAppleIntelPIIXATA.kext (for ICH10)

LegacyIOAHCIBlockStorage.kext (for ICH10)




UUID.kext (TMFix)


In addition i have the kxdrive 1.2B1 in S/L/E installed.


Everything works fine except Shutdown and awake from sleep.


Shutdown is resulting in reboots every time, and when the pc is in sleepmode the only help is a reset.


I have tried with or without kxDriver, with or without OpenHaltRestart, tried only with SMBIOSEnabler and AppleDecrypt, with cpus=1 to simulate ShutdownFix and with or without patched DSDT.


Unfortunately it does not help anything and i am at the end of my ideas.


What could it still be?

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Thx for reply :)


But then it should have worked without the Graphics driver, shouldn`t it?


Many people have issues with shutdown but they have at least a Blackscreen and not a reboot

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