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which Retail Leopard rel. to get?


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Hi all..


I’m not much of a mac user, the only MAC I’ve actually used till now is my hackintosh alone.


My elder brother in UK has gifted me his old 13” white macbook & the problem is that its somehow crashed & he doesn’t even have any DVD’s of OS, neither did he care to arrange since he bought the new 15” aluminium MBP.


I don’t want to buy leopard at the moment, so I wanted to ask which RETAIL leopard release shall I download so that I can install OS onto it. All that I had downloaded till now are hackintosh versions only, but since this is a real MAC hardware I guess I do not want these re-worked releases.


Please suggest which RETAIL leopard release to get. Are there any pre-patched updated rls till 10.5.6 too?



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