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Wireless-n PCMCIA?

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hey everyone. i did about an hour and a half of searching (with google, forum search, and manual searching) and couldn't find the answer to this question:


what wireless-n pcmcia cards work best for osx?


i'm one of the unlucky 3945ers and instead of opening up the laptop to try to replace the card (i've heard it's soldered/glued in on my model) i'd rather just buy a pcmcia card. USB is also an option but i'd much prefer pcmcia. i would also want wireless-n capability. any ideas?



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As for your question, I also looked, and I can't find one either. Except this:



What you should look for is a card with the correct chipset (certain Broadcom, Atheros & Ralink chipsets work)


Check the inside of the Laptop anyway, maybe it's not soldered. Maybe there are two slots. I'm just guessing here, because I don't know your laptop. But an internal card would be the ideal solution.

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